Heidi Richards Mooney

The New Rules of Social Media:

Expand your Network and Increase Your Bottom Line

Social media is no longer optional. If you are in business, sell or promote anything these days, you simply must consider social media as an important outlet for promoting your products and services. The big challenge for most of us is how to keep up with all the changes that seem to take place on a consistent, rapid-fire pace. In this session, Heidi is going to talk about the important changes to the major social channels,  how to capitalize on those changes right now and how to take what you know today and use it to grow your channels, your credibility, and your customer base.

Heidi shares ~

• What’s new on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

• How to apply the “new rules” of social media to grow your bottom line

• 3 tools to help you better manage your time and effort on social media

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