Diary of an Ugly Sweater Action Guide





The Diary of an Ugly Sweater Action Guide will allow you or your teen to reflect on the lessons of self-love and confidence that Sophie learns and shares in Diary of an Ugly Sweater. By asking questions like, “Sophie used humor in dealing with the other sweater that was being mean to her. Was that effective?”, “What other ways could Sophie deal with this?” “If this happens to you, how could you deal with it?”

By letting your tweens know that it is not their fault when they get picked on, they learn not to take things personally and can avoid much of the teenage angst we never want to see our children go through. The best defense against bullying and peer pressure is giving your children the tools they need to stay confident and continue to appreciate and love themselves.

Fun self-esteem guide for adults and critical for young people, you will find it easier for your child to open up to you about their insecurities so they can bravely take their place in life as they grow into adults. Going through this guide with the book with give your child a skill that will continue to serve them for the rest of their lives!